Butternut squash, chickpea and lemon salad

One of our followers sent this photo with the simple question….”any ideas”?


It reminded me about one of my favourite warm winter salads which I haven’t made for a long time. So, as butternut squash is in season now, what better excuse than to make it to share with you guys. The sweet, dense flesh of the butternut squash softens nicely when you bake it. This is well contrasted with the tangy, lemon dressing. The tahini (which is a nutty paste made from ground sesame seeds, used a lot in the Middle East) adds another interesting flavour to the dish.



Butternut squash, diced

4 cloves garlic, chopped

1 tsp hot sauce

1/2 tsp nutmeg

red onion, finely sliced

coriander, small bunch

400g chickpeas, cooked

1 lemon, juiced and zested

1 tbs tahini

2 tbs olive oil

salt and pepper


Mix the garlic, lemon zest and butternut squash on a baking tray, add the hot sauce, nutmeg, half the olive oil and season. Roast it in the oven on 200º, until soft.


When it has cooled a bit, add the chickpeas, onion and coriander. Combine the rest of the olive oil, tahini and lemon juice in a jar and dress the salad.

This salad is great on it’s own or makes an appetising side dish to accompany a fish (or meat) main course. The salad is vegan too, something I often make when my vegan friend comes over.


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  1. scout1423 says:

    This looks amazing, I´m going to make it tonight!


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